This is

How we work

Our method is

The Nurturing Choicefulness Way

Small changes

Living systems are complex. You can only disturb them, rather than direct them. So we start with nudges that create significant differences


We don’t deliver magic solutions. Our responses are localised and co-created with the users

Disrupt and support

We expand the way people in the organisations think, shifting and broaden sense-making about their challenges and opportunities

A tailored process

We accompany you to find the best way for you to approach change

Outcomes rather than solutions

Expand and liberate your capacity to re-think strategies and outcomes, or decide to move in a different direction altogether

Deep-work: sustainable change

We involve to develop the dynamic capability of people to continue to co-adapt and co-evolve with others

Engage with the whole eco-system

Across multiple organisational layers we work to co-evolve the complexity in the mind of individuals

In a journey with us you will

We strongly believe

That change is (and can be) the organising force

In embracing the “messiness” of organisations

That organisations are complex adaptive living systems 

In actively nurturing conditions for growth cultures to flourish

That our method can be applied to any work process

In transferring only the knowledge that is required